personalized wine tastings in a private setting

Juliana Madrone
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Wine. In celebration, in contemplation, or in humble partnership with many a meal, it has the power to captivate, to confound, to astonish. It’s been part of human culture for centuries, and yet each year produces wholly unique bottlings whose conditions of climate and soil can never be exactly repeated. This combination of the familiar and unique is part of the appeal; it keeps connoisseurs on their toes and rewards the curious explorer. Yet like anything with so much history and variety, wine can be intimidating. How does the humble grape become something so mysterious and unpredictable? Why does one Burgundy cost as much as my lunch and another as much as my car?

Ultimately, wine is about pleasure. Tasting can be the experience of letting wine sing, of sensing all that your palate has to offer. Whatever your questions, gather your friends and we’ll explore them. In addition to discussing how to taste and some helpful wine terms, you might be wondering: Is Australian shiraz really that different from French syrah? What grapes are actually in this Italian Rosso Piceno? How is Oregon’s Eola-Amity Hills AVA different from other Willamette Valley wines? What is the best food pairing for Albariño? What do wine professionals mean when they talk about a wine’s structure or acidity?

Past themes have ranged from Old World vs. New World taste-offs to Wines You’ve Never Heard of But Should Be Drinking.

Launch Gallery:
Wines You’ve Never Heard of But Should Be Drinking

All tastings are custom-designed to your interests. By the end of the evening, what once was mysterious will become simply intriguing. Set in the comfort of your own home, among friends, I will provide an experience designed to bring you greater delight from your future wine encounters, and perhaps even inspire a little philosophizing about life’s simple pleasures.

Tasting Fees

Village tasting: $25 per person
Premier Cru tasting: $40 per person
Grand Cru tasting: $65 per person

*prices based on 10 person attendance

Tasting fees include all wine and glassware for 5-10 participants, as well as tasting charts and an overview of wine flavor profiles. Half the fee is due at the time of booking, the remainder at the end of the tasting. Choose your level and call or email to discuss your custom tasting specifics. Tastings can also be given as gifts.